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Fuck Yeah By our Artist

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We believe in the power of written words. The written word is the best way to communicate and share thoughts or emotions. A written word on its own is an abstract idea, the meaning depends on the reader.


Size: 31 x 10 in (79 x 26 cm)

Colors: Hot Pink, Orange, Purple & Blue.

Designed to shine 

  • LED neon artwork  
  • Energy-efficient tubing 
  • Cut to shape backing


An installation screw kit is provided


The Handmade Sign is Made of High Quality Flexible Led Light Strips and 5cm Thick Transparent Acrylic Bottom Plate. Our sign is brighter, safer than glass tube sign, no danger of glass breaking and heat. Energy saving, CE certificated, 2 years warranty. if the model is damaged during transportation, we will reissue it for free.

Shipping & Returns

We provide free worldwide shipping, ensuring a safe delivery to your doorstep! But rest assured, The sign is well protected during shipping to prevent any sort of damage. However, in the unlikely event that damage does occur, we will quickly send you a replacement to ensure your complete satisfaction!

Package List

The Neon sign package includes: 
- 1 neon sign
- 4 screws
- 1 suspended wire
- 1 adapter
- 1 power supply
- Free dimmer

Leave us a message if you want to customize it