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Beautiful Chaos

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Is your life full of chaos?
Make it beautiful with a unique "Beautiful Chaos" neon led sign.

Available in 3 sizes and 8 colors

And of course who's life isn't chaos?


The Handmade Sign is Made of High Quality Flexible Led Light Strips and 5cm Thick Transparent Acrylic Bottom Plate. Our sign is brighter, safer than glass tube sign, no danger of glass breaking and heat. Energy saving, CE certificated, 2 years warranty. if the model is damaged during transportation, we will reissue it for free.

Shipping & Returns

These signs comes free to your doorsteps (worldwide free shipping), we pack them safe and clean so it won't be damaged if that happens we will send you a new one

Package List

Neon sign comes with: 
- 1 pcs neon sign
- 4 screws
- 1 pcs wire rope hanging
- 1 adapter
- 1 power supply
- Free dimmer

Leave us a message if you want to customize it